The full turnout at the Tea Party’s March meeting shows that the winter of our patriotic discontent is leading to a spring of patriotic fervor. Brother Lee Watts (host of Patriot Point) opened the meeting with a passionate talk on Romans 13 and how Christians should act when the government is actively working against our freedoms. Christianity and freedom go hand in hand and churches should lead the way in fighting for liberty, just as they did during the War for Independence. As Bro. Watts said “You may want to ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore you.”

What you can do: 1) Bring a friend to the next Tea Party meeting! 2) Communicate outside of the mainstream media where speech is free. 3) Find and support good candidates—focus on local elections like the school board.

Judicial Update:

Judge Shepherd has entered injunctions against five different pieces of legislation citing concerns with the pandemic. This extension of the judicial arm into the legislature should not be tolerated.

Good news—the Sixth Circuit just ruled against Governor Beshear in Ramsek v. Beshear. Wiest represented Ramsek, who sued the governor for his discriminatory application of the ban on large gatherings. When Ramsek went to the Capitol to protest the pandemic lockdown, he and fellow protestors were blocked by the State Police and faced the threat of prosecution. Several weeks later, when Black Lives Matter protestors approached the Capitol, they were met with open arms and even joined by Beshear.

Judge Readler’s analysis opens with “At the heart of Ramsek’s case is a claim that Governor Beshear’s Mass Gatherings Order violated his right to assemble and to free speech protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution” (p. 6)

The Court then chided Beshear for his violation of the First Amendment right to free speech and association and denied his request against the preliminary injunction against his original executive order. Click here for the full opinion—it’s only ten pages long and well-worth a read.

What you can do: Take voting for judges seriously! Judges who play “yes man” to the governor disrupt the balance of power and hurt the cause of liberty.

Legislative Update:

The legislature just passed House Joint Resolution 77, which confirmed the legitimacy of Governor Beshear’s executive orders since the beginning of the pandemic and setting a 60 day expiration date on executive orders. As we’ve heard from business owners and legislators like Savannah Maddox, 60 days is long enough to wreak havoc on businesses, schools, and families. It is an ineffective limit on executive power and a paltry protection of Kentucky citizens and businesses. 

While a few legislators have proven committed to fighting for our liberty, the majority are not. Oftentimes Republican legislators will wait to vote on controversial bills until the very end of the session so that the legislature has no time to override the governor’s vetoes. With tactics like this in use, it’s even more important that we call our legislators and let them know what bills we want passed.

Speaking of bills to support, HB 175 (sponsored by Rep. Maddox) has passed the House Floor and is headed to the Senate. Among other protections, HB 175 protects firearms users and manufacturers from discrimination at banks and other financial institutions. 

What you can do: Call your senator and tell them to vote for HB 175 and our Second Amendment rights.

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