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This Bill needs to get LOST!  Or how long is Santa's shopping list? We need to pay attention when legislators start talking about changing the Kentucky Constitution.  So just what needs to get LOST?  The big government, big spending, big taxing groups promoting LOST told the Kenton County Mayors to support and pass this bill so you can see what is in it.  Mayor Wiest quickly recognized this tactic and urged caution.  Caution heck, we need to throw caution to the wind!  Let us be crystal clear on the topic, this bill needs to get LOST.   Local Option Sales Taxes need to get LOST!


The expert, Ms. Pickett, a hired gun from Louisville explained that getting LOST means a maximum 1 penny tax.  This notion of a one penny tax is supported by the flyer provided by the group as it says, getting LOST is,   " amendment to Kentucky's Constitution that would allow citizens to vote on up to a penny additional local sales tax.."    Surely the difference between a penny and one percent is not an attempt to confuse the voting public?  To avoid any confusion on the difference between a percent and a penny, Ms. Pickett's group should seek counseling from the Eagle Political Academy.

The mayors group was shown a chart showing the many millions of dollars each NKY county could reap by enacting the additional 1% tax. A chill crept over the room when it was revealed that the 1% was on a first come first served basis...remember playing steal the bacon as a kid?  The mayors were scanning the room sizing up the completion for this new found bacon...if only they can get their tax on the ballot first and and steal the bacon.  County representatives were not to be outdone and since getting LOST is for the greater good and since the cities are part of the county it only makes sense that the county should get the millions.  Surely the larger county mega projects would also benefit the smaller cities?  Silence gripped the now salivating group.  Air again entered the room when it was revealed that ALL the cities and the counties can participate in this parade of plunder by putting all the good little boys and girls toys on Santa's list thus making all the voters happy.  By having something for everyone, everyone is happy and everybody votes yes and all the projects get funded.  But wait....the projects get funded but the operating costs are not funded.   Check out this from the Cincinnati Enquirer, on the operating costs of the Museum Center/Union Terminal,   Buildings like Union Terminal – which is ranked 45 on an influential list of America's favorite buildings – Music Hall, the Cincinnati Art Museum and Memorial Hall are stunning historic treasures. But these aging buildings can cost a fortune to maintain, and the sheer number of them threatens to overwhelm the philanthropic forces most likely to step up on their behalf.   The local community will be forever LOST trying to pay the operating costs of all the feel good projects that get funded through the debacle of LOST.   Ms. Pickett gave lots of examples from other locations.  Surely the experts from Louisville have a local example?  No?  Well then here is one, let's look a the YUM Center in Louisville.  The YUM Center is built but now it seems Louisville is running short of cash.  But nothing to worry about because another taxing scheme, the developers dream, Tax Incremental Financing was used on the YUM center.  Like a church parsons calm demeanor, the swan song of a TIF is there to save the day.  Unfortunately the failed history of TIFs from California is now playing out at the YUM center.  Insider Louisville calls it Redistribution of Wealth, read it here. Gee, have we not heard about redistribution of wealth before?  Best Wishes to Ft. Wright with their TIF District, sure hope the TIF parson blessed your project better than he blessed the YUM center.   But Louisville is so far away, surely a taxpayer funded project in NKY would never need a bailout?  Yikes, check out the Enquirer story about Newport on the Levy not meeting its financial projections and wanting to extend the term of its tax payer funded agreement so this private entity can realize $6.3 million in tax breaks.  Never to fear, State Representative Dennis Keene and South Bank Partners to the rescue with more of your money to bail out a failed business model.  How many times are we going to accept crony capitalism?   What is happening here is nothing new.  Our founding fathers knew it and this principle was correctly noted in the 1830's in a two volume book by a Frenchman by the name of Alex de Tocqueville.  He very wisely noted that,

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”

This bill needs to get LOST!

The experts from Louisville need to get LOST.  Kentucky and NKY does not need tolls, we do not need TIFs and we do not need local option sales taxes.  Call the legislative hotline, 1-800-372-7181 and tell your elected state Representative and Senator that the local option sales tax bill needs to get LOST!