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The POST (Protecting Our Students & Teachers) Program is designed specifically to mitigate the active shooter threat in our schools. It is based on the highly successful commercial airline "armed pilot" program and has widespread law enforcement support.*

This program was designed in your area and needs your support.  Please attend a presentation on this program on...

Wednesday, February 19th at 6:00 pm Boone County Main Library 1786 Burlington Pike (Hwy 18 Burlington, KY 41005

What can you do to support POST?

  • ATTEND the February 19th presentation & invite others
  • Ask others to LIKE & FOLLOW our Facebook & Twitter accounts
  • SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.
  • SHARE what we post to Facebook / retweet what we post to Twitter (let your networks know about POST)
  • CONTACT every member of your school board & express your support of the POST Program (go to the TAKE ACTION page of the website for assistance)
  • VOTE for the school board members that support the POST Program on November 4th 
  • Consider RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD yourself (filing deadline is August 12, 2014; contact us for support and assistance)

Please help us by forwarding this message to those you know.  Let's take action before our children are harmed.  Below is a handout version of this message.

Endorsed by Boone County Sheriff Mike Helmig, Kenton County Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn & Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills & many other law enforcement personnel.

Contact Boone County Constable Joe Kalil for any questions you have. Use the CONTACT link on the website.

POST (Protecting Our Students & Teachers) Program Facebook:  "POST Protecting Our Students & Teachers" Twitter:  @POSTkyTweets




This Bill needs to get LOST!  Or how long is Santa's shopping list? We need to pay attention when legislators start talking about changing the Kentucky Constitution.  So just what needs to get LOST?  The big government, big spending, big taxing groups promoting LOST told the Kenton County Mayors to support and pass this bill so you can see what is in it.  Mayor Wiest quickly recognized this tactic and urged caution.  Caution heck, we need to throw caution to the wind!  Let us be crystal clear on the topic, this bill needs to get LOST.   Local Option Sales Taxes need to get LOST!

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Voting Record Tells A Different Story

This sampling of some of McConnell’s shortcomings on gun rights issues shows why the Gun Owners of America have endorsed Matt Bevin for US Senate.  We cannot explain why the NRA continues to support McConnell's failed voting record.  Decide for yourself. 

Mitch McConnell:
• Voted against Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) Amendment to block authority under Patriot Act to obtain gun records [RC #82, 5/26/11]
• Voted for an amendment by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) prohibiting the sale or transfer of handguns by a licensed manufacturer, importer or dealer unless a secure gun storage or safety device is provided for each handgun. 25 Republicans and 2 Democrats voted against it. [RC #17, 02/26/04]
• Voted for Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) amendment to spend taxpayer funds for Department of Education grants used to disseminate a gun control agenda in schools and through public service announcements. [RC #32, 03/02/00]
• Voted for Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) Amendment requiring that all guns be sold with trigger locks [RC#122, 5/18/99]
• Voted for the 1991 Crime Bill (S. 1241), sponsored by then Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), that imposed a waiting period for handguns and a ban on 14 types of assault style weapons. [RC #125, 07/11/91]
• Senator McConnell cut a deal with the Democrats to allow all of Obama’s second term nominees to sail through the Senate.  Included in that deal was the confirmation of anti-gun zealot Todd Jones to serve as Director of the ATF.

Read more about what the Madison Project has to say about Mitch McConnel's failed voting record by clicking here. 

Read more about why the Gun Owners of America have endorsed Matt Bevin for US Senate by clicking here.   

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Countdown To Midterm Election

The Bowling Green Tea Party is hosting Doc Thompson from the Blaze Radio to host the Countdown to Midterm Election Tour.  Tickets are free but seats are limited.  Reserve yours at Eventbrite

When:  6pm, Sunday, November 10, 2013
Where:  Sloan Convention Center (Holiday Inn), 1021 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, KY
What:  A patriotic evening of talk & entertainment including Veterans Day Tribute & Guest Speakers
For more information contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.