A message from KY Commonwealth Educational Opportunity:

Fellow concerned citizen,

I have some grave news. 
As I type this email, there are bureaucrats in Frankfort actively lobbying on behalf of HB 208; which would allow school districts to keep classrooms closed.
In fact, the bureaucrats are being quite effective in their efforts. We expect the House of Representatives to vote on the bill within the next four legislative calendar days.
It is vital that we immediately push back and tell legislators that HB 208 is unacceptable in its current form!
We must demand that they either kill the bill or fix it to ensure students have the ability to return to the classroom. That’s why we ask that you voice your support for Representative Felicia Rabourn’s floor amendments.
Representative Felicia Rabourn believes that children are suffering.
In her experience as a mother of two public school students, she has seen the impact that non traditional instruction is having on families and children. 
That’s why she filed floor amendments two and three to HB 208. These amendments seek to bring accountability to the funding mechanism for schools while ensuring students have the ability to access in person instruction. 
These amendments are a step in the right direction but they mean nothing if they are not supported by legislators. That’s why we need your help. 
Second,  call 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message to all legislators in both chambers. The message should state that “you demand they support in person class instruction and that they should support amendments 2 & 3 offered on HB 208“.
Third, if you are willing to volunteer to make calls to identify other supporters of in person instruction. Please email Commonwealth Educational Opportunities Chairmen Thomas Davis at Thomas.Davis@ceoky.org
With your help, we will be able to fight this legislation and ensure students have choices that best fit their needs.
Students first, 
Sebastian Torres
P.S. Please take a moment to fill out our petition urging legislators to support school choice.