On January 6th the NKY TEA Party gathered for another meeting well-attended by Kentuckians concerned about the not-so-subtle violations of our liberties.

Kathy Gornik presented on the new grassroots organization Make Americans Free Again (MAFA). MAFA fights against medical tyranny–particularly COVID-related issues such as mandatory vaccinations.

MAFA’s Goal: To get 70-100 million to register their voting information so the people can mobilize and work against medical tyranny. MAFA is already putting Governor Dewine (OH) on the defense for his FEMA camps. MAFA is also on the lookout for lawyers licensed in KY to help in the cause. Learn more about their legal action here.

What you can do: Register at the database and ask 1-2 friends to do the same.

Rep. Savannah Maddox called in to give an update on the bills currently being debated in the House and Senate. We need to push for legislators to amend KRS 13A and 11A to 1) put a 15 day limit on the governor’s emergency powers 2) protection for KY businesses and churches 3) waiving immunity to sue in federal as well as state court. This is the language of HB 217 (formerly BR 130), but other representatives are proposing amendments that do NOT effectively protect our liberties. One such bill, SB 1, has already passed in the Senate. Among its other omissions, SB 1 does not amend the part of the KRS that allows for emergency civil asset forfeiture–an outdated tyranny that needs to go. Rep. Maddox is fighting to reform SB 1 so that it better mirrors the language of HB 217 (BR 130). This is happening fast. Keep calling your representatives and demand that they vote for the language of BR 130/HB 217! 

As Rep. Maddox said, “We’ve had since March to get our act together.” Restraining the governor’s emergency powers is a nonnegotiable priority.

Finally, Br. Lee Watts gave us four calls to action.

  1. Look for conservative candidates to replace the Republican representatives who we know are compromisers. We need to put up better candidates in the primaries.
  2. Convince registered Libertarians to register as Republicans. Now is the time to unite — join or die.
  3. Keep supporting and getting updates from organizations like MAFA and First Liberty Institute that are fighting for our rights.
  4. Stay informed. Br. Watts’ YouTube channel and ministry are excellent ways to keep updated.