Northern Kentucky

Join with other liberty minded individuals from across Northern Kentucky for a combined meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month. The combined meetings start at 7pm but arrive at 6:30pm to socialize and meet fellow patriots. The combined monthly meetings are held at the Holiday Inn located at 7905 Freedom Way, Florence, KY 41042. The Holiday Inn Express is easily accessed off US-42 and I-75 at exit number 180.



Do You Do Business with Tolling Supporters?

Recently I attended the Tea Party meeting in Campbell County on Thursday, 12/13/12 and I really enjoyed their meeting format. They had guest speaker Jim Waters from the Bluegrass Institute to present their perspective on pension reform. At one point during the meeting they displayed a list of companies that were a part of the Build Our Bridge Now Coalition and encouraged the attendees to write a strongly worded letter to them regarding their support for the coalition.

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Sales Techniques for Selling Tolling

Tolling or Not?

The 49-year-old Brent Spence Bridge on Interstates 71/75 is “functionally obsolete” because of its narrow lanes, lack of emergency shoulders and limited visibility on the lower deck. The Kentucky-owned bridge, part of the nation’s busiest freight corridor, carries double its intended traffic capacity (Kasich, Beshear uniting for Brent Spence, 2012). No one is arguing that the bridge does not need to be upgraded. The question is how to finance that upgrade in order to address the safety concerns and the volume of traffic it carries in a day. The need to expedite the $2.5 billion project is the core message of a new propaganda campaign launched by the Build Our New Bridge Now coalition.

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Speaker Boehner Needs To Go

In the next few days, the United States Congress will vote on whether or not to keep John Boehner as House Speaker.
In the past few days, Speaker Boehner has waged a war on Conservatives and the Tea Party by removing a number of Tea Party freshmen and other strong Conservatives from their important positions on key committees. He has also warned all Republicans in Congress that he's watching their votes. This is the type of old school GOP thinking that has cost us the last two Presidential elections and the country. Americans sent true Conservatives to Congress to get the country back on track. Boehner can't control their votes so he's removing them from committees and threatening them.
John Boehner needs to go!
Please call your Congressman Thomas Massie as soon as possible and tell him or her that you EXPECT them to vote against John Boehner's reelection as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. It's time to send a strong message to the Republican Party that we will not have our votes cast aside and that we expect them to fight against Obama's massive tax hikes, not roll over and give him whatever he wants (as speaker Boehner has already alluded to). Call Congressman Massie local Ft Mitchell office at 859-466-3210 and ask to speak to Mary
We must take a stand or lose our country!



Say No To Tolls

Today the Kentucky Governor's Communications Office issued a media advisory alerting us to a significant announcement about funding for a replacement Brent Spence Bridge.   Kentucky Gov.  Beshear, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood are scheduled to announce their plan to impose more taxes upon us.  The government rulers think this is a major milestone to celebrate but it is nothing more than another tax.  We encourage our local officials to come and stand with us in opposition to more taxes!  It is time to stand up and be counted...remember Martin Niemoeller!

If you have had it with more taxes join with us in opposing paying more taxes for a bridge that should be funded by the existing federal gasoline taxes you pay.  How about we build bridges in America and stop sending our money to the anti American governments in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan.........

Do you cross the bridge for work?  Do you work for one of the following companies:  Duke Energy,
AK Steel, Dunnhumby, Fidelity, Fifth Third, First Financial, Frisch's, Frost Brown Todd, General Electric, Kroger, Proctor and Gamble, Univ. of Cincinnati, Western Southern?  Check out the full list here.
If so is your company going to give you a $1,300 raise to pay your toll?  $5 toll x 5 days/week x 52 weeks of work = $1,300 per year.  Duke is getting a new substation out of the deal.  What are you
going to get??...more taxes.

When:  12:30PM, Wednesday, December 12.  The press release starts at 1:00PM so arrive by

WHERE: 360 Restaurant Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront, 668 W. Fifth St. Covington, Ky.

WHO:  Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, State and local officials

WHAT: Show up in opposition to tolls.  Public Private Partnerships or P3's always use tolls so this is announcement is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  Tolls are Taxes!  Show up and say NO!  Contact your legislator....Kentucky 1-800-372-7181

Check it out on Facebook:  We Are Against Brent Spence Tolls



Build the Bridge

The following is a copy of the letter I sent to both our Senators, Thomas Massie and Speaker Boehner. I urge each of my fellow patriots to do the same. We are up against a well funded PR campaign to build a toll bridge. We need the Fed to step in and do their job before we are stuck with tolls. Two things we know about tolls are, they will increase and most of them go on forever.

President Obama came to Cincinnati twice to have his picture taken with the Brent Spence Bridge as a prop. His inference was clearly that he was interested in building a replacement for this span that carries two major interstate highways. It is time for actions to replace words.

The Transportation Department has set aside over $80 billion to build railroads and buy land for a so called land bank. This is a first step in installing the UN agenda 21.

We need to change the priorities of this department by taking some of this gas tax money and spend it on what should be higher on their list, building the bridge that will relieve this bottleneck.

I urge you to recognize this duty of the Federal government to maintain the interstate highway system and secure the funding needed for this important project.