How do governors have the power to force thousands of restaurants and bars to close? An executive emergency order about a pandemic isn’t what does it. Owners have shown themselves willing to work with recommendations to accommodate customers’ health and safety preferences. The problem is that the state threatens to take away the food and/or liquor licenses of restaurants that refuse to comply with their overreaching orders. If venues continue to operate without a license, they can be criminally charged. This is how Beane’s Café and Bakery, which passed its health inspections with flying colors, was criminally charged. The same thing happened to Brewed coffee shop in Lexington. 

Restaurants should not be forced into submitting to unjust executive orders in this way. Representatives Savannah Maddox, Kevin Bratcher, and Felicia Rabourn are fighting for freedom by sponsoring HB 143. HB 143 would protect restaurants and bars from losing their food or liquor licenses solely because they chose not to comply with a COVID-19 related executive order. Call your representative and tell them to support and vote for the bill.

Passing the “Ensuring Business Fairness During COVID-19 Response Act” is exactly what Kentucky needs to protect the businesses that have already been ravaged by orders based on hysteria rather than fact.