Despite the chilly winter weather, the NKY Tea Party had a fantastic turn-out for the second meeting of the year. Welcome to all who came for the first time! We heard from those on the frontlines of the battle for Kentucky’s liberty and came away with a clear plan for what we can do to help. Keep reading for updates on school choice, executive orders, vaccination, and lawsuits filed against Beshear. 

Representatives from Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) updated us on their goal to get 70-100 million to register their voting information so the people can mobilize and work against medical tyranny. MAFA fights against medical tyranny–particularly COVID-related issues such as mandatory vaccinations.

 What we can do: Register at the database and ask 1-2 friends to do the same.

School Choice

Thomas Davis from Commonwealth Educational Opportunities spoke about the importance of school choice, which you can read more about here.

With Biden’s move to allow biological males to compete in girl’s sports, it’s even more important that parents are empowered to “pick the school that meets [their] and fits [their] values.”

HB 149 is working its way through the House. 31 states have implemented something similar and they all rank higher on educational standards than Kentucky.

What we can do: Call your state senators and tell them to support SB 25! SB 25 is the Senate version of HB 149.

Legislative Update

Senator Adrienne Southworth and Representative Savannah Maddox both called in to update us on the progress of the second 2021 Legislative Session.

First, the good news–SB 8, which gives KY citizens the ability to choose whether or not they will take the COVID vaccine, has passed out of the committee and into the House.

Unfortunately, the state court granted Governor Beshear’s request for a thirty-day stay on HB 1 and SB 1, both of which sought to impose reasonable checks on his executive powers. Beshear already vetoed these bills and the restraining order prevents the legislature from overriding his vetoes for the time being. As Rep. Savannah Maddox said “Beshear was counting on courts to invalidate the voice of the people.” This is disheartening and shows that 1) we need to work for better judges who will truly keep the executive accountable, and 2) these executive orders are a power-grab—not actually helpful to Kentucky’s citizens.

What we can do: Call AND email your legislators. Lists of bills to endorse/oppose are here (from Make America Free Again):

Bills to Support:

  • SB 8: allows medical and conscientious exemption for government-mandated vaccines.
  • SB 98: protects those who decide not to be vaccinated from discrimination in employment.
  • SB 117: stipulates that organizations in health care or higher education can only mandate vaccination if they allow for medical and conscientious exemption.
  • HB 217: ensures that basic liberties are protected during emergencies.
  • HB 143: requires the government to fund all fines and return licenses taken from businesses during the lockdowns.

Bills to Oppose:

  • 902 KAR 2:211E: mandates face coverings in response to a declared public health emergency.
  • HB 580: imposes a gas tax.

Judicial Update

Attorney Chris Weist filed a lawsuit to get our children back in school, but was relying on HB 1. As a result of the thirty day stay, that lawsuit is also on hold.

TJ Roberts and Weist are also spearheading KY Liberty PAC, which is fighting against Beshear’s executive power. Over the past week, Roberts collected over one-hundred thousand  signatures in support of impeaching Governor Beshear. Most of our representatives refuse to heed the people’s cry and are not taking action. On a more encouraging note, Beshear has lost five times in federal court when his tyrannical orders (such as penalizing Christians for attending church on Easter) were challenged.

What we can do: Find better judges for Kentucky courts! Four of the state justices are up for reelection in 2022.