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SD1 Gets Their 4.9% Rate Increase in Spite of Opposition

SD1 Increases Rates 4.9%

Northern Kentucky property owners saw a 4.9 percent jump in their sewer bills starting in July, 2014. All three fiscal court judge-executives - Boone's Gary Moore, Kenton's Steve Arlinghaus and Campbell's Steve Pendery - approved the rate increase, deciding it is necessary to keep SD1 on track (NKY sewer rates going up 4.9%, 2014). Initially they proposed a 5% increase which would have required the full fiscal courts to approve it (Does SD1 Need Another rate Increase?, 2014). Fearing a rate increase over 4.9 percent would not be approved, SD1 cleverly calculated down to the penny what would require only the approval from the three judge-executives.

The three judge-executives were unanimous in their approval in spite of most public comments made this year were against the rate increase, including disapproval from the city council in Independence. Members of the public pointed to fixed incomes for retirees, flat salaries and their own increasing costs of living.

"Everybody is picking at us," said Brenda Daulton, a retiree from Erlanger. "Pick on us anymore, and a lot of us will have to get part-time jobs (NKY sewer rates going up 4.9%, 2014)."

It’s worthy to note that Gary Moore (Boone) and Steve Pendery (Campbell) will be running for re-election for judge-executive of their respective county’s this fall. Steve Arlinghaus will not be on the ballot due to his loss to Kris Knochelmann in the Republican primary. Readers should keep this in mind at the ballot box this fall.

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Use Your 2nd Vote!

2nd Vote

I recently purchase my first cell phone a few weeks ago and was inspired by one of Tom Wurtz’s articles to download the app 2nd Vote. Second Vote is an app that allows conservative consumers to know where their money is going when they are buying a product, eating at a restaurant, or supporting an organization. Organizations and interest groups that advocate for both conservative and liberal issues spend tremendous amounts of money each year to advance those causes. This money comes from individual donors, grants, and most importantly, corporate contributions. The idea is that we cast our first vote in elections every two years but our 2nd vote is cast when we spend our money for products and services that are then used for conservative or liberal causes. By using the scoring system assigned to the companies, a conservative can be assured their money is not being funneled to liberal causes for which they are opposed too. Needless to say it was the first app I downloaded to my new cell phone.

I frequently use 2nd Vote now when making choices about where I am going to spend my money. I’ve made the decision that I will not patronize any establishment that scores less than a “6” on the rating scale in the app. For example my girlfriend and I ate out the other night and we patronized Long John Silvers because they had the score of “6.” It gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that my money is not supporting a liberal agenda.

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The Rebranding of the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC)

From NKAPC to Planning and Development Services of Kenton County

The Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) has changed its name to Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS), which its leaders say more accurately describes what it does. According the Enquirer, the name change is the final step in an exhaustive “soul-searching” process begun in late 2011, after the Northern Kentucky Tea Party and the Homebuilders Association of Northern Kentucky (HBA) joined forces to try to dissolve the planning agency (Out with the old name for NKAPC, 2014). Although it’s questionable whether or not the name change or the reforms they have adopted will make the organization more efficient for the tax payer.

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Debate a Setback for Tolling Proponents

The debate airing on KET June 30th, 2014 over the use of tolling to fund a new Brent Spence Bridge set tolling proponents back years and can be seen here. Covington Mayor Pro Tem and Commissioner Steve Frank and general counsel for the Toebben Companies Brian Ellerman presented the case against tolling as a funding mechanism in a debate with tolling proponents interim president of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Brent Cooper and Covington Mayer Sherry Carran. In a stellar performance Steve Frank stole the show as he used facts and the opposition’s own information to refute the positions of tolling proponents! Go Steve Frank, go!



Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky Says Change Needed at Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission

*The article below is a reprint with permission from the author Brian A. Miller, Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky.

The Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky (HBA) is taking this opportunity to state its position on an effort to alter the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) and to clear up what it believes are misleading statements made in the public regarding the outcomes that may happen as a result of a successful effort to alter the organization. The Board of Directors of the HBA through a unanimous vote has decided to support the dissolution of the NKAPC. By vote the HBA supports countywide planning by the Kenton County Planning Commission, and believes that that organization should employ its own staff who is charged with fulfilling the responsibilities set forth by statute in KRS 100. This statute requires regulations across Kenton County which the HBA supports. The HBA was the main driver behind countywide planning from its inception in order to support quality and affordable housing across Northern Kentucky. Any comments to the contrary by the NKAPC are a purposeful falsehood meant to mislead the citizens of Kenton County. The NKAPC was originally set up as a “consolidation”…”which provides for a more efficient planning operation” according to KRS 147, the legislation that allows for this type of planning organization. It is notable to point out that NKAPC is the only planning unit of this type in the entire state and as such is the only planning unit capable of levying taxes upon the homeowners and business community in its jurisdiction. Based upon the HBA’s interest and commitment to good planning, the HBA was integral in the formation of NKAPC fifty years ago. The original intent was to service the counties of Boone, Kenton and Campbell, in order to provide for a unified comprehensive plan, zoning regulations, and subdivision regulations across the Tri-County area. Boone County never joined and in the early 1980’s Campbell County spoke through a vote of its residents and seceded from the NKAPC to operate its own planning department. Since then the NKAPC has been operating outside of the spirit of the enabling legislation in Kenton County alone, thereby creating a taxing money funnel to provide services to one county. Comments have been made publicly by the NKAPC Chairman that what is being attempted will, “turn back the clock to the 1950’s”. The HBA disagrees. The NKAPC has been operating on a fifty year old model that no longer meets the intent of the enabling statute or the needs of the residents of Kenton County, and underperforms while taxing and spending Kenton County into an economic disadvantage. Today’s planning commissions are more responsive, with a higher level of accountability and efficiencies; both in funding and in operations.

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