Northern Kentucky

Join with other liberty minded individuals from across Northern Kentucky for a combined meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month. The combined meetings start at 7pm but arrive at 6:30pm to socialize and meet fellow patriots. The combined monthly meetings are held at the Holiday Inn located at 7905 Freedom Way, Florence, KY 41042. The Holiday Inn Express is easily accessed off US-42 and I-75 at exit number 180.



An open letter to our Kentucky Legislators...On Tolls, Taxes and Liberty

What strikes me about the discussion on taxes and tolls is that it really is about the "Blessings of Liberty" that are secured by the Constitution. What many fail to realize is that personal property is essential to the "Liberty" that the Constitution sets out to secure "to ourselves and our Posterity." Those key words from the opening sentience from the Constitution.

John Locke in his writings points out that "all property is an extension of a person's life, energy, and ingenuity. Therefore, to destroy or confiscate such property is, in reality, an attack on the essence of life itself."

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Educate yourself on the Constitutional

Building Blocks for Liberty has scheduled Publius Huldah (PH) to come to West Chester Ohio on March 4th to present the case for NOT holding a Constitutional Article V convention for the purpose of Amending the Constitution to try and rein in politicians and judges.

We will watch PH show us from the Constitution itself as well as the Federalist papers why an Article V or "Convention of States" convention is a dangerous route to take.

Publius Huldah is a retired litigation attorney who now lives in Tennessee. Before getting a law degree, she got a degree in philosophy where she specialized in political philosophy and epistemology (theories of knowledge).
What: Why an Article V Convention is a Bad Idea
When: Wednesday, March 4, Doors open at 6:30, 7:00 PM Start
Where: Lakota West Freshman Auditorium, 5050 Tylersville Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069



Legislative Alert

Right to Work, Prevailing Wage, and Local Option Sales Tax all up today, Thursday, February 12 in Frankfort. Make the call to your legislator 1-800-372-7181.

Follow this link to Take Back Kentucky's Legislative Alert where you can get the details.

Support Senate Bill 1: Kentucky Right to Work

Support SB 9: Limiting Prevailing Wage

Oppose HB 1: Local Option Sales Tax



Executive Amnesty Must End

According to an article in the Daily Caller Republican leadership is not aggressively seeking to stop the silly Democratic filibuster. The Democrats are hiding behind the filibuster so they won’t have to show their hand on executive amnesty. It appears that our phone calls  gave Speaker John Boehner some needed backbone. Boehner is not backing down on Executive Amnesty and stated there would be a DHS shutdown if the Senate didn’t act. We may need to assault the Senate switchboard again as the deadline 2/27/15 aproaches. (202) 224-3121



The Myth of Kentucky's Gas Tax Crisis

No doubt you've heard the wailing and seen the hand-ringing about Kentucky's gas tax dropping due to the lower gas prices we are seeing. Our own Fiscal Court voted 7-1 to pass a resolution asking the State legislature to 'stabilize' the road fund, though the resolution failed to indicate how it expected the legislature to accomplish this. The resolution, no doubt provided by those with an interest in growing the Transportation department budget, avoided any discussion of the real facts about the gas tax.

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