Northern Kentucky

Join with other liberty minded individuals from across Northern Kentucky for a combined meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month. The combined meetings start at 7pm but arrive at 6:30pm to socialize and meet fellow patriots. The combined monthly meetings are held at the Holiday Inn located at 7905 Freedom Way, Florence, KY 41042. The Holiday Inn Express is easily accessed off US-42 and I-75 at exit number 180.



Senator Rand Paul-Town Hall Meeting

WOW -- Senator Rand Paul turns up the heat on Crooked Hillary!

Join Senator Paul in a Town Hall meeting, ask questions and get his candid insight.  Rand Paul is the Senator Northern Kentucky overwhelmingly elected in 2010 and who we need to rally around in 2016. 

Get there early to get a good seat.  Register here ....we need to make sure there are enough seats available!  Plan to stay after to talk politics and enjoy the Civic Club.

What:  Senator Rand Paul Town Hall Meeting

When:  3:30 PM to 4:30 PM, Wednesday, August 17

Where:  Lookout Heights Civic Club, 1661 Park Rd, Fort Wright, KY 41011
Easy to get to, just off Dixie Highway and Kyles Lane.  Plenty of free parking.



Combined Tea: School Choice, Dr. Wayne Lewis

The Combined Meeting of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the Holiday Inn, Florence, KY.  This Thursday, March 24 the NKY Tea will host Dr. Wayne Lewis, who will speak on Charter Schools.  Dr. Lewis is an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Lewis obtained his PhD from North Carolina State University.  Dr. Lewis has championed charter schools in Kentucky based on his research in the Louisville and Fayette County public schools.  He spoke to the Kentucky Legislature’s Interim Joint Education Committee on the severe achievement gap issues in the Fayette County Public School District between white and African-American student proficiency.  His quote to the Kentucky legislature, 

“What happens to those children if we don’t provide them with alternative options?” Have we gotten to the place where we are more interested in defending institutions that don’t serve children well?" 

Dr. Lewis is a champion behind Kentucky Senate Bill 8.  Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is a champion for charter schools. 

What:  Combined Tea, Charter Schools with Dr. Wayne Lewis

Where:  Holiday Inn, Florence, KY.  Easy to get to I75 and US 42 right next to the Florence Freedom baseball field.

When: 7pm, Thursday, March 24.

Learn more about Dr. Lewis at the Bluegrass Institute where the mission is  "Empowering Kentuckians to secure their liberties."  Bluegrass Institute Public Policy Solutions.



Combined Meeting, Thursday, Oct 22

This week the combined meeting is Brother Lee Watts with an inspiring talk on the Christian roots of our great nation.  Brother Lee is an inspiring teacher for old and young alike.  Bring your children and grandchildren and they will hear the truth about the founding of our country.

When:  7pm, Thursday, October 22

Where:  Florence Holiday Inn, 7905 Freedom Way, Florence, KY 41042

What:  Combined meeting with Brother Lee



Unnecessary Regulations Continue to Penalize Kentuckians

In 2010 the Northern Kentucky Water District wanted to raise the rates by 25% to install new equipment mandated by the federal EPA.  Water rate increases must be approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.  The Northern Kentucky Tea Party was contacted by Dr. Hugh Henry, a physics professor at Northern Kentucky University who was researching the science behind the EPA regulations.  Dr. Henry published a paper and it was pier reviewed that showed the expensive equipment that the EPA was requiring was not improving or protecting water users in any way.  A pdf of the pier reviewed paper is available by clicking here.  Diligent research of the original EPA documents showed that the EPA missed the cost estimates that consumers would pay by 2,280%.  Based on these falsehoods the NKY Tea took the rare step of intervening in the PSC rate case.  The late Duane Skavdahl, Esq. put up a valiant and formidable case against the rate increase but the onslaught of big government could not be stopped.  The brief filed by Duane is available by clicking here in the hopes that someone impacted by the Lexington rate increase will pick up where the NKY Tea left off.  The NKY water district was ultimately granted the 25% rate increase and this year another 9.5% rate increase was approved.

During the 2010 time period the NKY Tea reached out to other communities and warned them that similar increases in the cost of water would be coming to their communities.  Fast forward to 2016 and check out this article in the Lexington Herald Leader,    "Kentucky American Water wants to increase residential bills by 17%." 

Maybe this time around the Public Service Commission say no to the rate increase.  It is time for Kentuckians to stand up to the EPA and say , "I'm mad as hell and not going to take this anymore."




Change Is In The Wind!

Dear Garth Kuhnhein,

Over the last couple of weeks the failed leadership of the Republican party has taken full stage with the exposure of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a liar  on the Senate floor and the challenge to the leadership of John Boehner as a the Speaker of the House of Representatives.   The challenges to the Republican leadership are welcomed and encouraged by voters that are fed up with empty promises.  The press is on the side of the establishment and downplays the importance of the challenge to Boehner's leadership.  In this Cincinnati Enquirer article it says the resolution to vacate the chair is, "seen as largely symbolic by many political experts."  But looking behind the smoke screen of the "political experts" what is the possibility of the resolution passing and Boehner being removed? 

First let's look at the timing of the resolution.  It occurred just prior to the August recess.  Speaker Boehner tried to call the bill to the floor for a vote and kill the resolution before the Representatives went home for the August recess but he was unsuccessful.  This alone shows a weakness as now the resolution calling for the removal of Boehner is alive and open for discussion when YOUR representative is home for recess and YOU have access to them.  Now is the time to tell your representative that it is time for a change in Republican leadership.  We need a change for the better, a change that will unleash the power of liberty.

Second, lets look at how this resolution can come to the floor for a vote.  The press is trying to squelch the oppositon to Boehner and makes a big deal about it being sent to a committee to die.   However if Rep. Meadows makes a motion to Vacate the Chair from the floor a vote must be taken within 48 hours.  Heritage Action provides a good analysis of how this works in the PDF attached at the bottom of this email.  So the answer is that if enough Representatives get their ears burnt about the failed Republican leadership and they tell Rep. Meadows they will support him then Meadows can force a vote.  The original resolution filed by Meadows is our call to ACTION.  It is our challenge, our signal to action to tell our representatives that a change in leadership is needed. Third, how many votes, how many Representatives are needed to force Boehner out and Vacate the Chair?  Assuming all Democrats would vote against Boehner it only takes 30 Republican votes to oust Boehner and every Representative voted.  The last challenge to Boehner's leadership fell short by five votes.  

Fourth, what groups are supporting the removal of Boehner?  FreedomWorks Backs House Effort to Remove Boehner Speakership and CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“Every time defenders of freedom need a leader, John Boehner has failed us. It’s time to remove Boehner from the speakership before it’s too late to pass bold reforms. Under his speakership, the Republican-controlled House has allowed taxes and spending to increase and their agenda revolves more about pleasing lobbyists than standing on principle. It’s time to end the Boehner Blunder.” 

Now is the time to contact your Representative, express your frustration with Republican leadership and tell them  you have their back and will support them in their vote to Vacate the Chair!  If all of our Kentucky Representatives will vote with Thomas Massie the change we need can start. If Thomas Massie is your him and say keep up the good work!

Call your Rep.  Support the effort to VACATE THE CHAIR!

1st Congressional District:  Congressman Ed Whitfield, (270) 826-4180, DC-(202) 225-3115

2nd Congressional District:  Congressman Brett Guthrie, (270) 842-9896, DC-(202) 225-3501

3rd Congressional District:  Congressman John Yarmuth, (502) 582-5129, DC- (202) 225-5401

4th Congressional District:  Congressman Thomas Massie, (202) 225-3465--say Thank You!

5th Congressional District:  Congressman Hal Rogers, (606) 679-8346, DC- (202) 225-4601

6th Congressional District:  Congressman Andy Barr, (859) 219-1366, DC-(202) 224-3121