Northern Kentucky



Unnecessary Regulations Continue to Penalize Kentuckians

In 2010 the Northern Kentucky Water District wanted to raise the rates by 25% to install new equipment mandated by the federal EPA.  Water rate increases must be approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.  The Northern Kentucky Tea Party was contacted by Dr. Hugh Henry, a physics professor at Northern Kentucky University who was researching the science behind the EPA regulations.  Dr. Henry published a paper and it was pier reviewed that showed the expensive equipment that the EPA was requiring was not improving or protecting water users in any way.  A pdf of the pier reviewed paper is available by clicking here.  Diligent research of the original EPA documents showed that the EPA missed the cost estimates that consumers would pay by 2,280%.  Based on these falsehoods the NKY Tea took the rare step of intervening in the PSC rate case.  The late Duane Skavdahl, Esq. put up a valiant and formidable case against the rate increase but the onslaught of big government could not be stopped.  The brief filed by Duane is available by clicking here in the hopes that someone impacted by the Lexington rate increase will pick up where the NKY Tea left off.  The NKY water district was ultimately granted the 25% rate increase and this year another 9.5% rate increase was approved.

During the 2010 time period the NKY Tea reached out to other communities and warned them that similar increases in the cost of water would be coming to their communities.  Fast forward to 2016 and check out this article in the Lexington Herald Leader,    "Kentucky American Water wants to increase residential bills by 17%." 

Maybe this time around the Public Service Commission say no to the rate increase.  It is time for Kentuckians to stand up to the EPA and say , "I'm mad as hell and not going to take this anymore."