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Refugee Resettlement Program Is Threat to America!

Most people in the country know nothing about this.  This is a government program that is not only a waste of taxpayer money it is a threat to our country.  It is happening in Kentucky and we are learning more about it every day.  The combined Tea meeting 7pm, September 24 will have a presentation on this very important topic.  Please plan on attending and invite your local elected official to attend.  Click here for a video to learn more, or click here to go to the Refugee Resettlement Watch website.   

The Refugee Resettlement program is alive and flourishing in Louisville.  If you live in and around Louisville you need to educate yourself about what it happening.

Where to get information:

Frank Gaffney sites: and Red-Green Axis podcasts, 4 of them, discussion of resettlement issue

Steve Emmerson:

Ryan Mauro:

Ann Corocoran:

John Guandolo: