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Stop Amnesty

Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator John McCain are not for limited government when they support amnesty and S. 744.  This article at examiner.com calls Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), "either one of the dumbest men to serve in the U.S. Senate, or just one of the most corrupt."  He is probably both.  Wake up America!  Wake up Senator Paul!  Wake up Senator McConnell!

The so called "gang of eight" immigration bill (S 744) is just the latest fraud, perpetrated on the American people via a 1,000+ page "comprehensive" bill that most senators (you guessed it) have not read.  The process was poisoned by leadership's commitment to "agreed upon preconditions."   It shut down serious debate on important amendments. (see letter) We need to secure the border first, enforce existing law, then take a measured approach to fixing our immigration system.  There is no reason to rush and make a huge mistake in the midst of a political frenzy.  Please read this letter written by four U.S. Senators (Cruz, Grassley, Lee, Sessions) revealing just how flawed the proposed legislation is, and how dishonest the committee process has been. 

Please pass the senators' letter on to as many folks as you can!  You've heard this bill emphasizes border security first.  Not true.  You've heard newly legalized illegals will be required to learn English.  False.  The path the Senate is on would be a disaster both for the rule of law and for our fragile economy.  Tell the Senate:  DO NOT pass this flawed bill.  Tell the House:  DO NOT pass ANY bill at this time because the conference process (reconciling House and Senate bills) will turn even a good House bill back into the bad Senate bill.  The process has been rigged by a small group of so called progressives from both parties who believe in open borders and big government collectivism. We need to STOP, SECURE the BORDER, and engage the American people while taking smaller incremental steps to change our immigration law.  This will allow full transparency so everyone can see our options and see exactly what we're doing.  

Senate contact info

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Start your calls now, but we will need to continue them over the next few weeks.  Make sure to read the letter first!