Say NO to HB-441

Legislators in Kentucky just don’t get it.  While families continue to struggle with rising prices on everything from food to utility rates, our elected officials in Frankfort, our employees, want to make driving throughout the commonwealth even more expensive.

We already pay a motor vehicle tax, license plate fee, drivers license fee and gas taxes to name a few.  Now Frankfort wants to charge tolls on our roads and highways. HB 441establishes the framework to collect tolls on any road project for maintenance, repair and operating the project.  Tolls are taxes! We already pay almost 50¢ a gallon in federal and state gas taxes for road repair and maintenance. Why would we want to pay another tax? Enough is enough! Call 800 372-7181 tell your state senator to vote no on HB 441.keep Kentucky roads and highways free. Tell your state Senator to vote no on HB 441. Call 800 372-7181. 

Your voice can make a difference today. Make a two minute call now.
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