Kenton County No Tolls Resolution

I attended Tuesday's Kenton Fiscal Court meeting and spoke when they asked for comments from the public.  What impressed me during this meeting is Steve Arlinghaus' comments on how tolls will hurt Northern Kentucky and in particular Kenton County.  He stated it will be less attractive for people in Ohio to come to Northern Kentucky to shop, dine, etc..  Also, Northern Kentucky will lose a lot of
its luster as a bedroom community for people who work in Ohio.  This will lower the demand for Northern Kentucky housing and depress our housing prices.  A comment was made that an Ohio elected official was boasting that tolling will cause Ohio to pickup businesses at Northern Kentucky's expense.  In addition to Ohio, I am sure many in Louisville and Lexington want tolls in Northern Kentucky because they view us as an economic competitor.  That maybe why State Representative Overly is trying to pass House Bill 456 to facilitate tolling.