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Support Mid-term Candidates that share Tea Party Values

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is showing strong support for the candidacy of former Chamber President Steve Stevens for the 4th district seat against Thomas Massie. The announcement he was exploring a run was met by a standing ovation by business leaders during an end-of-year luncheon. In an establishment-biased article by none other than pro-library and pro-toll columnist Amanda Van Benschoten, the Chamber proclaimed they plan to play a “vigorous” roll in electing more moderate candidates to Congress in the 2014 midterm elections (Analysis: Primary challenge real for NKY’s Massie, 2013).

One top political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put it.

“Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it comes to the Senate, that we have no loser candidates… That will be our mantra: No fools on our ticket.”

The Chamber of Commerce is reportedly going to be spending $50 million to back more moderate, “business-friendly candidates,” in order to get work done on passing a farm bill and immigration reform that the more conservative wing of the party has publicly voiced serious problems with (Chamber of Commerce Wants to Rein in GOP: No More ‘fools,’’Loser Candidates’, 2013).

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A Patriot’s Warning to Boone and Campbell County

In my most recent article “Blueprint for Tyranny” I discussed a 205-page book, published by the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement at Northern Kentucky University, titled, “Kenton County Together: A Call to Action.” The thesis of the book was the advantages of having a consolidating governing structure for Kenton County and how to best attain consolidation. Although I felt the authors did a good job at researching and promoting the advantages for consolidation I issued a warning to the residents of Kenton County that the benefits might not outweigh the costs associated with it. Unfortunately while writing the article I failed to emphasize the growing threats to Boone and Campbell County if a consolidated governing structure were achieved in Kenton. As a result, the members of the Boone and Campbell Tea Parties I spoke with after it was posted were very cavalier regarding the issue. They seemed to feel it was a Kenton County problem, and that it was not an issue worthy of their attention.

I have some very bad news for them, because it is not simply a Kenton County problem, it is a tri-county/NKY problem. As early as 1973 the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) produced a report titled, “Northern Kentucky’s Future: A Plan for Government Restructure.” The authors of the book go on to describe the report as “captivating” and that an objective reader would be bound to respect the report’s analysis.

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Blueprint for Tyranny

I recently finished a book that was given to me at a Kenton County Tea Party meeting titled, “Kenton County Together: A Call to Action.” The 205-page book, published by the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement at Northern Kentucky University, has one recommendation: to create a study commission “to begin at once the process of determining what local governance structure would best fit Kenton County (Kenton cities study value of collaboration, 213).” Since 2011, an informal group of current and previous city and county leaders known as the Kenton County Government Study Group have been researching different forms of government to see what would best fit Kenton County, according to Tom Litzler, Kenton County Government Study Group chairman and former Fort Wright mayor (Kenton cities study value of collaboration, 213). The members of the study group are listed in the table below.

Kenton County Government Study Group

Tom Litzler, Chair

Sherry Carran, member

Kris Knochelmann, member

Chuck Scheper, member

Butch Callery, member

Suzanne Cassidy, member

Mark Neikirk, member

Gabrielle, Summe, member

Linda Carter, member

Lisa Desmarais, member

John Nienaber, member

John Walker, member

Needless to say participants in the NKY Tea Party would be less than thrilled at the membership of the group. Some have been hostile to private property rights and have been in direct opposition to the NKY Tea Party. Their membership alone should cause any residents of Northern Kentucky to balk at their findings.

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Its as simple as 2 fronts

Those of us that support the Tea Party know the 3 principles (Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets), with the goal to “Take Back America”.  The big question is how we accomplish our goal.

It requires working on just 2 main fronts.

  1. 1.Prevent and change regulations and tax code.
  2. 2.Replace the existing elected officials with good conservative, like-minded leaders.

As simple as it sounds, it is a major undertaking and requires participation from all American Citizens (the legal ones).  2014 is going to be a big year and busy one for us in Kentucky. 

Front 1

The first 3 months in 2014 will include a long legislative session in Frankfort.  We will all need to be active in reviewing the proposed state bills and communicating back to our state Representatives and Senators where we stand on those bills.  I encourage you to read my article from last week, go to this link

We are going to keep a scorecard on our legislators this year which will help all of us know where our elected officials stand.  It will help us to vote for the best candidates in Front 2.

Front 2

Most local offices will be up for election in 2014, including State Representatives, Judge Executives, County Commissioners, Mayors, City Councils, and many, many more.  The race that will get the most attention will be State Senator.  Senator Mitch McConnell who has condemned Tea Party supporters (see this article will be looking for your vote on May 20th.  It will be extremely hazardous to his health if he holds his breath for my vote.

The beauty of working on these 2 fronts is: Once we have replaced those elected officials that conflict with our principles (Front 2), our job correcting  current laws regulations (Front 1) will be a piece of cake.



Get Ready to Engage!

Starting in January, the state legislators will be going to Frankfort to start the annual legislative session.  If you want to stop (or pass) laws regarding Taxing authority by unelected boards, Common Core, Gun Control, Smoking Bans, Sales Tax Districts, etc., this is when your voice can be heard.  Let your legislator know where you stand.  As Samuel Adams said It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” 

Our job is to be that tireless minority.  We are a minority, not by our beliefs; we are a minority because most will not voice their opinion or engage in the process.  It is our job to speak for our friends, family and neighbors and pursue Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets. 

If you happen to find some time, please get familiar with the Kentucky Legislation Website, where you can find bills that will be considered by our elected representatives.  You can find the website at  If you want to try something new, set up an account for “Bill Watch”, which will help you sort through the hundreds of bills and find those that are pertinent to you.  Go to this site for a “Bill Watch” tutorial

Do you know who your representatives are?  Go to this link and find out

Here’s an example of a bill that has already been filed:

 BR 7 -     Amend KRS 304.2-020 to delete the requirement for Senate confirmation of the Governor's appointment of the commissioner of the Department of Insurance; and amend KRS 342.228 to delete the requirement for Senate confirmation of the Governor's appointment of the commissioner of the Department of Workers' Claims.

Do you think the Governor should be able to bypass the Senate in order to appoint the commissioner of the Dept. of Insurance & Dept. of Workers Claims?

If you believe this bill is detrimental to our process call 1-800-372-7181during regular business hours and leave a message for your legislator to vote against this bill.  The people that answer the phone and send the message to the legislators are extremely helpful and courteous

Get informed and make a difference!

“I just want people to know that if they want to change the direction of the country, they can do it, but only if they're active, informed, and engaged. – Jim DeMint