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Northern Kentucky Meetings are held on the
4th Thursday of every month at 7 pm.
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Speaker Boehner Needs To Go

In the next few days, the United States Congress will vote on whether or not to keep John Boehner as House Speaker.
In the past few days, Speaker Boehner has waged a war on Conservatives and the Tea Party by removing a number of Tea Party freshmen and other strong Conservatives from their important positions on key committees. He has also warned all Republicans in Congress that he's watching their votes. This is the type of old school GOP thinking that has cost us the last two Presidential elections and the country. Americans sent true Conservatives to Congress to get the country back on track. Boehner can't control their votes so he's removing them from committees and threatening them.
John Boehner needs to go!
Please call your Congressman Thomas Massie as soon as possible and tell him or her that you EXPECT them to vote against John Boehner's reelection as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. It's time to send a strong message to the Republican Party that we will not have our votes cast aside and that we expect them to fight against Obama's massive tax hikes, not roll over and give him whatever he wants (as speaker Boehner has already alluded to). Call Congressman Massie local Ft Mitchell office at 859-466-3210 and ask to speak to Mary
We must take a stand or lose our country!



Build the Bridge

The following is a copy of the letter I sent to both our Senators, Thomas Massie and Speaker Boehner. I urge each of my fellow patriots to do the same. We are up against a well funded PR campaign to build a toll bridge. We need the Fed to step in and do their job before we are stuck with tolls. Two things we know about tolls are, they will increase and most of them go on forever.

President Obama came to Cincinnati twice to have his picture taken with the Brent Spence Bridge as a prop. His inference was clearly that he was interested in building a replacement for this span that carries two major interstate highways. It is time for actions to replace words.

The Transportation Department has set aside over $80 billion to build railroads and buy land for a so called land bank. This is a first step in installing the UN agenda 21.

We need to change the priorities of this department by taking some of this gas tax money and spend it on what should be higher on their list, building the bridge that will relieve this bottleneck.

I urge you to recognize this duty of the Federal government to maintain the interstate highway system and secure the funding needed for this important project.      



Let The Feds Build The Bridge.

I am so proud of our Northern Kentucky legislators for seeing through the Chamber of Commerce's attempt to get them to pass enabling legislation to build a toll bridge.The people from the Chamber stated that there are other ways but did not present a viable option.

Now that this option has been shot down, perhaps they can spend the millions of dollars they collected for public relations where it can do some good. Take the money to Washington, talk to Representatives Boehner and Massie,  Senators Brown, Portman, McConnell and Paul. The money can come from the billions of dollars the Transportation Department has set aside to build railroads and land banks.(Is it even legal for this department to spend money to set aside land?)  Another option is to take the money from what we are sending overseas to buy friends by building bridges and mosques there.

They can also try to talk to the President about his inferred promiseto build the bridge when he came here twice for photo ops. 



KY Special Districts Not Governed by a Code of Ethics

Each and every day of the year firefighters come to the rescue of those in need. The actions’ of firefighters is truly heroic when it is clear that they have decided to act entirely of their own volition in putting themselves at risk to protect the public or colleagues. These people are not just doing their job, they are the heroes who take each task to heart and each life saved is a victory for their team. When the World Trade Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, firefighters were among the first on the scene. As people were rushing down the stairs to escape, firefighters were rushing up those same stairs to help bring people out of the building. As they went up to put out the raging fires, many were caught in the buildings' collapse. Approximately 250 firefighters sacrificed their own lives to save others. Their actions will never be forgotten.

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Dissolving Obsolete, Inefficient and Overreaching Special Taxing Districts

The petitioners, who sought a referendum for the dissolution of the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) in October 2012 filed an appeal in Kentucky Appeals Court to Kenton County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bartlett’s September decision dismissing their lawsuit that sought to validate their petition (NKAPC opponents hope appeal will resurrect petition, 2012).   The lawsuit stems from a petition drive sponsored by the Home Builder’s Association (HBA) along with the Northern Kentucky Tea Party named “Axe the Tax.” which would have put the issue on the ballot to decide whether to repeal the tax that supports the (NKAPC) (Tea party takes aim at the area planning commission, 2011). The purpose of the petition drive was the NKAPC is costly and inefficient, did not adequately represent the residents of Kenton County due to its system of appointments to its governing bodies (The NKAPC is not Representative of the Citizens of Kenton County, 2012), is a special taxing district that has direct taxing authority over the residents of Kenton County, and that it is obsolete from the original intent of its creation in 1960 (NKAPC/Tea party fight dominates meeting, 2012).  Our locally elected officials accused the HBA of wanting to get rid of zoning and area planning altogether.  This is patently untrue.  The Tea Party and the HBA simply wanted to transfer the responsibilities of the NKAPC to the Kenton County Municipal Planning & Zoning Commission (KCPC) with the hope that the local governments could partner with them to create a more affordable and efficient model of area planning without the direct taxing authority (NKAPC/Tea party fight dominates meeting, 2012).

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