Campbell County



Campbell Weekly Newsletter

We have our last meeting before the Election on Thursday Night, 7:00PM at 1098 Monmouth Street, Newport. Any and all candidates who want to speak may sign-up for a 5 minute speaking slot just like all our regular meetings, there will be NO debating, just your chance to give us the best reason to vote for you. Our members will be asking questions, but no opponents or their representatives will be able to ask questions. Jack will control the time and monitor the questioning.

Saturday’s Literature Drop

Saturday was not the best weather to be out climbing steps and placing literature bags on front doors but 10 Tea Party supports showed up and we covered most of Bellevue and a good part of Dayton. We have about 500 bags left to distribute in Cold Spring, Highland Heights and Fort Thomas so if you want to drop some in your neighborhood let me know and I will get some to you. Because we are out of literature after those bags are gone we will finish up with individual drops and no longer do the Saturday groups drop.

Kentucky has SURPLUS MONEY!!!

I did not know until just this Friday that Kentucky has soooo much surplus money they can give $650,000 to a private group to do a study on their privately owned property. I bet every developer with a wild ideal is on their way to Frankfort to get a meeting with Keene type legislatures for their share of the windfall! I guess all the state maintained roads are in truly great shape that the Road Department can give away this money. Read more about this here…