Northern Kentucky

Join with other liberty minded individuals from across Northern Kentucky for a combined meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month. The combined meetings start at 7pm but arrive at 6:30pm to socialize and meet fellow patriots. The combined monthly meetings are held at the Holiday Inn located at 7905 Freedom Way, Florence, KY 41042. The Holiday Inn Express is easily accessed off US-42 and I-75 at exit number 180.



Kenton Tea-July 24

The Kenton Tea will meet at PeeWees on Wednesday, July 24.  This is going to be a busy day for Tea Partiers across Kentucky so plan on finishing your day with us at PeeWees.  Bill McElheney, CPA is scheduled to speak on insurance issues as they relate to ObamaCare.  This will be an informative session and you can bet there will be lots to talk about.  See you there!

When:  6pm, Wednesday, July 24

Where:  PeeWees Restaurant, 2325 Anderson Rd, Crescent Springs, KY



Kenton Tea Meeting July 10

YES the Kenton Tea is meeting at 6pm, Wednesday, July 10 at PeeWees!  Rick Brueggemann, Esq. is speaking on the Federalist Papers.  Understand the Federalist Papers and you will understand how our government is failing us.
We are asking everyone to call the Representives listed below with the message to make the Senate immigration bill Dead-On-Arrival.  Yes we will have a show of hands at the meeting to see who called. No immigration bill should be brought to House floor that makes it more difficult for any part of the American workforce to get a job! If the amnesty legislation as currently being structured and debated becomes law, low income Americans will suffer with increased competition for jobs and there will be even more down-pressure on wages.  Additionally, the 11 million illegal aliens already in the U.S. will balloon to perhaps 100 million immigrants in a few years due to "chain migration" laws.
District 1:  Ed Whitfied (R), DC Office  202-225-3115
District 2: Brett Guthrie (R),  DC Office  202-225-3501
District 3: John Yarmuth (D), DC Office  202-225-5401
District 4: Thomas Massie (R), KY office 859-426-0080, DC Office 202-225-3465
District 5: Hal Rogers (D), DC Office  202-225-4601
District 6: Andy Barr  (R), DC Office  202-225-4706
Have you started saving for the $5 toll to cross the Brent Spence bridge?  Or do you want to invest your time and talent to fight the tolls?  You pay taxes on each gallon of gas you purchase and have paid this tax for years.  We cannot let our elected and unelected officals put another tax on us.



Common Core at Kenton Tea

Common Core can be stopped in Kentucky.  Wednesday night at the Kenton Tea, Dick Innes who works with the Bluegrass Institute will educate us on Common Core.  We will learn what Common Core is and how many states are  opting out of Common Core.   Indiana is very close to stopping it.  Kentucky was promised stimulus money in 2009 if we accepted Common Core.  The money never arrived.....maybe the check is in the mail?  Other states got stiffed too.  The Kentucky Department of Education has stopped scoring for the CCSS aligned high school end of course exams. All this coupled together with pressure from the concerned citizens, gives us a shot at getting out of Common Core.  Many legislators are admitting they made a mistake on voting for SB 1 in 2009.
Everyone should call the legislative hot line at 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for the NKY caucus and Senator Mike Wilson, Senate Education Chairman, to get us out of Common Core. We do not want the federal government educating our children.  Read the report here.
What:  Kenton Tea/Common Core with Dick Innes and Legislative Update with Representative Diane St. Onge.
Where:  PeeWees Restaurant, Crescent Springs
When:  6:00PM, Wednesday, May 7



Kenton Parade Schedule

The Kenton County Tea Party traditionally celebrates by participating in the Edgewood and the Fort Mitchell Independence Day Parades.  This year is no different and we again have the float that you can ride.  Please bring your own chair and some signs.  This year we have our new motorized Ax The Toll Booth.  We want you to join us.  We will gather at 8:45 am at the K-Mart parking lot off Dixie Highway.  The Edgewood Parade departs at 9:30am.  We are number 6 in the Edgewood parade.  Donuts and juice will be provided.  Immediately following the Edgewood Parade we will return to the K-Mart parking lot to drop off those that are not able to continue on to the Fort Mitchell Parade.

If you only want to participate in the Fort Mitchell parade meet us at K-Mart immediately after the Edgewood Parade or come to the grounds of the Diocesan Children’s Home on Orphanage Road in Fort Mitchell.  The Fort Mitchell parade starts at 12:30 and the float should be on the grounds of the Children's Home by 11:30.  For the most fun take in both parades.

It looks as though the weather will be ideal.  We will have cold water to drink available on the float.
We will ride right back to our cars in the K-Mart parking lot at the conclusion of our parade routes.



Senator Schickel & Wil Culbertson Kenton School Board

Two speakers at the Wednesday, April 10 Kenton Tea meeting.  First is Senator John Schickel and he will give an update of the recent legislative session.  You will have a chance to ask questions so come prepared.  Mr. Wil Culbertson, newly elected member of the Kenton County school board, will also speak.  With all the discussion on the common core curriculum there should be lots of questions. 

When: 6:00PM, Wednesday, April 10
Where:  PeeWees Restaurant, Crescent Springs.